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air active nose pads

Air active nose pads is the best choise for repair your old nose pads.because it's very comfortable for your nose and most popular in the world now. The air active nose pads is made from silicone,the quality is the best and the same as baby bottle nillpe. We would like to introduce the features of air active nose pads: 1,Air can come in or out from air hole with pressure of your frame,adjust the pressure of eyeglass automatically and makes your nose always lies under one soft air bed. 2,It's super soft and flexible. 3,Remove your nose hurt and red spot, stop your old pads digging your nose every day. We suggest you check your nose pad's color,if the color changes to yellow or gree,then replace it now!
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t2101 air active

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t2102 air active

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t2103 air active

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t2111 air active

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t2112 air active

free nose pad

free nose pad


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